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Twitter considers subscription model for Tweetdeck

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Twitter is planning to explore new models to help boost its revenue, including a subscription service. 

In a report by Bloomberg, various possibilities including tipping on Tweets, paid profile customisation and a subscription service for Tweetdeck are being considered. 

Twitter and Tweetdeck are currently free for those who use it with no premium add-ons except for sponsored posts. The free nature of the app is very much in line with all other social media models which rely on their ability to attract eyeballs to advertising rather than getting users to pay themselves. 

Twitter has been looking for new revenue streams for a while, even asking users in a survey, what they would be willing to pay for if extra services were placed on top of the free model. 

More details about when and in which regions these tests will roll-out has not been released. However, it is unlikely that it will kick-off in South Africa. With previous upgrades, South Africa has only been included in global roll-out rather than any beta tests. 

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