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Twitter acquires Breaker podcast app

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Breaker announced on Monday, January 4 that Twitter Inc is acquiring it, with the platform shutting its app and website down on January 15.

Users will be able to transfer their subscriptions to other podcasts apps, such as Spotify. To do this, users will need to export their subscription to a OPML file from Breaker and open it in their desired app.

'We’re proud of the apps and services we’ve built over the past four years at Breaker. The iOS and Android apps are best in class for listening to podcasts. When we started Breaker, podcast apps were productivity apps, similar to feed readers and to-do lists. Breaker added a social community element with features such as liking and commenting on episodes. We’re now inspired to go even further in re-imagining how we communicate with each other, beyond the scope of traditional podcasts,' said Breaker in a blog post. 

For iOS

In the Breaker iOS app, tap on your user profile picture in the upper left, then select Settings, then Export OPML. You can select another podcast app from the list presented to open the OPML file in that app. You can also save the file or email it to yourself for later. We recommend trying out AppleSpotifyStitcherOvercastPocket Casts, or Castro for your podcast listening.

For Android

In the Breaker Android app, go to Settings, Export OPML and save the generated OPML file. Then you may open that file in another podcast app to import your subscriptions. You might want to try out Google PodcastsSpotifyStitcher, or Pocket Casts.

If you're hosting podcasts

If you are currently hosting a podcast on Breaker, you can transfer your podcast to another hosting service by using the RSS feed. You can find your RSS feed link on the Distribution tab. We recommend trying out AnchorSimplecast, or Transistor for your podcast hosting depending on your specific podcast hosting needs.