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Truecaller adds features including reasons for calls

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The app which has been helping South Africans identify spam callers for years is now expanding to include three new features. 

Truecaller made a name for itself by allowing you to see if an unknown number is a  spam caller or call centre so you can choose not to pick up and ultimately avoid an awkward conversation with a company you have no interest in. 

To build on this success, the app developers have added call reason, schedule SMS and SMS translate features to give users more ways to keep on top of their calls and messaging. 

The features are already available for Android and will be rolling out for iOS next year.  

Call Reason

Call reason is the big new draw and the most exciting of these features. The company said it was the most requested feature by users. 

It allows an expansion of the Caller ID feature to include a reason why the person is calling, so you're prepared when you decide to pick up the phone. However, unlike the Caller ID aspect, those making the phone call have to input the reason rather than it being an automatic process. 

Businesses can also set a customised text before every call, which Truecaller believes would improve engagement with calls as many people don't like answering numbers without knowing what the purpose of the call could be. 

Schedule your SMS

This feature is pretty straightforward, users can now schedule an SMS to be sent some time in the future. Currently only available for Android, it is a great tool for businesses to automate their communication with clients. 

SMS Translate

In a country with multiple languages this function will come in handy. The app detects a different language on the message screen and will offer a translation if you want it. It's powered by Google and so all languages offered through that service are available. 

This is all processed in the phone so the contents of the messages are still protected and never leave your phone. The language package used for translation is downloaded to your device.

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