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Three feature-filled alternative keyboards for Android and iOS

Grammarly Keyboard
(Image credit: Grammarly)

Many users enjoy using the default keyboard that comes with their smartphones as the software is optimised for the phone it comes with. However, innovation and updates are few and far between, perhaps because manufacturers believe users will stick with the default no matter what. 

There are several third-party keyboards that go above and beyond what many users expect in a keyboard, from AI-assisted grammar and spelling advice to customisable backgrounds and colourways and simultaneous support for multiple languages.

Here are some of our favourite alternative keyboard apps for Android and iOS devices:


(Image credit: Grammarly)

The world's foremost writing assistant can now be at your fingertips at all times. The Grammarly Keyboard works in the similar fashion as the software's web version or browser extensions -  the keyboard constantly monitors your writing and is ready to offer real-time writing feedback and lend a helping hand in case of a typo or grammatical error.

The keyboard also offers suggestions to help improve your vocabulary and can present you with a list of synonyms. 

The app also has everything else you'd expect in a keyboard - emojis, etc - and allows you to build your personal dictionary, which will be useful if its a word that exists beyond the bounds on standardised language. 

Microsoft Swiftkey

Microsoft SwiftKey

(Image credit: Microsoft )

Microsoft's SwiftKey Keyboard is an intuitive keyboard that adapts to your writing style by learning your unique lexicon, favourite emojis and nicknames.

The keyboard can be fully customised and comes with several themes but users can also create their own. The toolbar can be adjusted as well so your favourite tools such as GIFs, stickers and more can be close at hand.

Swiftkey still allows users to utilise the popular swipe typing feature and it is able to support up to five different languages simultaneously, which makes it perfect for multilingual users that are constantly frustrated by autocorrect.

Google's Gboard


(Image credit: Google)

Google's keyboard, again, comes with everything you'd expect to find in a keyboard. It's most impressive feature is that it allows you to execute searches within the keyboard's interface, which can then be shared seamlessly - the days of copying and pasting links or screenshots are no more.

The keyboard also has built-in GIFs, searchable emojis, stickers and swipe typing.

Gboard also has an impressive array of languages it supports, including Afrikaans.