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This is now the cheapest 4K 65-inch large format display

Spectre 65-inch 4K UHD LED TV/large format display - $379.99 at Walmart
If you missed out on the onn. TV deal and absolutely want to get a deal now (and can't wait for Black Friday), then fear not, we managed to source the next cheapest deal for a 65-inch display. At $380, the U650CV-U still represents fantastic value for money and has four HDMI 2.0 ports, more than some dearer models.View Deal

Note: This deal has now expired. We have replaced it with the next cheapest 65-inch display. The original text follows.

Large format displays have never been as cheap, inch-for-inch, as the onn. 65" Class 4K UHD LED Roku Smart TV (model 100021261) -  a Black Friday special from Walmart.

For just $228 (or less than $4 per inch), it delivers the equivalent of four full HD 32-inch displays put together.

It could also be a great addition to a home security system, when paired with DVR for constant CCTV monitoring, or as a simple digital signage solution. At less than 24Kg without the feet, it is relatively light and should be easily mounted on a wall.

None of the specs should come as a surprise. There’s Wi-Fi, 60Hz refresh rate, three HDMI ports (one supporting ARC), legacy composite and cable inputs, a LAN port, digital optical audio, a 3.5mm jack plus one USB connector.

Other than a 4K resolution, it comes with Roku built in, so it can be classified as a smart display. While Roku is used primarily for entertainment purposes, you can also use it for business purposes to cast content to the device (e.g. a spreadsheet, presentation, video conferencing session etc).

While you can expect some corners to be cut, the quality may surprise you. Bear in mind, it's likely to be a loss-leader for Walmart.

Bear in mind

  • If this product is unavailable in your region, you will need to use a specialist parcel forwarding service to take advantage of the deal
  • If you've managed to get hold of a cheaper product with equivalent specifications, in stock and brand new, let us know and we'll tip our hat to you