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The Sonos Move smart speaker goes extra portable with ramped-up battery life

(Image credit: Sonos)

The Sonos Move just got even better for, well, being on the move. A new model for the best Bluetooth speaker of 2020 is bringing improved battery life, adding an extra hour of charge to ensure those trips to the beach – or just out of reaching distance of a plug socket – are packed with quality sound as long as possible.

The new Lunar White version of the Sonos Move gives a white/silver makeover to the portable speaker, and should provide more variety for those tired of dark-colored gadgets ruining their decor.

As a wireless speaker with IP56 water resistance, Sonos-quality audio, and (now) an 11-hour battery life, it's a no-brainer for those looking for the best portable speaker they can buy.

Move it

A re-skin of an existing speaker may not seem like the biggest news out there, but the Sonos Move is not like any other Bluetooth speaker.

Sonos is a proven name when it comes to high-quality audio products, and the Sonos Move perfectly treads the line between premium hi-fi and portable party speaker. With Alexa and Google Assistant integration, a medley of mid-range drivers and tweeters, as well as multi-room functionality to connect to any other Sonos speakers you have in your home, it's a smart speaker truly worth of the name too.

The Lunar White Sonos Move will start shipping to the US and China on June 30, with a wider rollout to the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan on July 7.

It's currently available to pre-order through