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Telkom overtakes Cell C as third biggest mobile operator

(Image credit: Twitter)

Telkom has replaced Cell C as South Africa's third biggest mobile operator after Vodacom and MTN. 

The switch came as a result of decline in growth by Cell C, coupled with surprising surges from Telkom's user base. 

Telkom is often belittled as having poor service and this is seen clearly on the company's social media, which is inundated with complaints from customers. 

However, it has some of the cheapest data deals on offer, making it an attractive choice despite its issues. 

Telkom said it reached its growth trajectory for the first half of the year, with a surprising surge as people began working at home and growth in mobile traffic increased. Mobile data accounted for 70% of growth. 

“The mobile business continued to gain market share from its peers, both from a customer and revenue perspective, to become the third-largest mobile telecoms in South Africa in a period of 10 years of establishment,” said Telkom.

This is impressive as it makes Telkom one of the only government-owned enterprises to prove successful in recent months. 

Cell C on the other hand has faced serious setbacks to its growth, specifically with regards to its R9 billion debt burden.  This was further harmed by Cell C's retrenchment of 960 workers due to COVID-19. 

Leila Stein

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