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Ted Lasso season 2 will be longer than season 1 – here's why

Ted Lasso
(Image credit: Apple)

Ted Lasso season 2 will be longer than season 1, star Juno Temple (who plays Keeley Jones on the show) has revealed. While season 1 was 10 episodes long, Apple TV Plus picked the series up for more episodes this time, according to the actress, which Apple later confirmed. Season 2 will include 12 episodes in total.

The reason? The story for season 2 demanded it, according to Apple.

This comes from Collider, who spoke to Temple about the show, which has now begun filming mid-pandemic in the UK. "Well we've joyously been picked up for a few extra episodes this season. So it's a longer shoot due to actually shooting more."

Collider later confirmed with Apple that season 2 will be 12 episodes long, and the company told the outlet that the additional episodes were required for story reasons.

Ted Lasso has drawn critical acclaim, recently getting nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, with actor Jason Sudeikis also getting a Best Actor nomination in the comedy category. It's one of Apple TV Plus' most acclaimed originals to date. More episodes probably seem like a no-brainer. 

It's unclear when Ted Lasso season 2 will be released, but we hope to see it this year at some point. 

Why would season 2 need to be 12 episodes long?

Ted Lasso season 1 ended with AFC Richmond being relegated from the Premier League, and we expect season 2 to focus on the team's comeback season in the EFL Championship. Having more episodes to help tell that story doesn't hurt, especially when the 30-minute episodes already seem to fly by. 

Our best guess is that Ted Lasso will eventually end in the team winning the Premier League – in an underdog story not unlike that of Leicester City's 2015/2016-winning season. That feels like the sort of feelgood moment that would make sense as a long-term goal for the show.