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Takealot reveals Black Friday deals

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As expected, Takealot is joining the other big retailers and hosting a month-long Black Friday this year. 

However, unlike big names like Makro and Game, Takealot is honouring this idea of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with both days (27 November and 30 November) being designated the days for their biggest sale offerings. 

A weeks worth of deals

Takealot call their deals "Blue Dot" sales and the weeks leading up to Black Friday will host a whole lot of these deals. 

From the 2 November, different ranges of products will go on sale each week, specifically the big hitters from the Takealot website. 

On top of all of this, Takealot shoppers will be given early access to some of its Black Friday deals from 23 to 26 November.

  • 2-8 November – Big deals on TVs, large appliances, outdoor, pool and patio, and beauty products.
  • 9-15 November – Deals on laptops, toys, homeware, furniture, fashion, sports and footwear.
  • 16 – 22 November – Deals on camping and outdoor, Home Improvement and power tools, and household essentials.

App focused 

As the founder of Black Friday in South Africa it's not surprising that Takealot is going bigger than ever. 

To promote their app, they will also be releasing over 200 new deals daily, only on the app and to be bought through it. 

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