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Supersonic launches Unlimited Air Fibre in South Africa

MTN Supersonic deal
(Image credit: MTN Supersonic)

South Africans have a new option when it comes to wireless internet as Supersonic launches Unlimited Air Fibre.

This new offering from the ISP aims to be super fast, seamless and as close to fibre as possible without having to be connected to a fibre line. 

This is especially useful for South Africans still living in neighbourhoods where fibre hasn't reached them. Currently, Wi-Fi services lag woefully behind the impressive speed of fibre. 

This new service will use a base station installed on an MTN radio tower. Through specific wireless technology, it creates high speed, low latency connections. The service is also uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled. 

How roll-out will work 

Supersonic plans to roll-out access to this service to areas where interest is high. This is because installation to a base station is required to service a specific area. 

Once there is enough interest in a certain area, the base station equipment will be installed. This will be followed up the installation of a small dish to user's homes so they can receive the signals. This will speak to a supplied Wi-Fi router inside the home. 

Those wanting to register interest for their area can do so on the Supersonic site


  • 5Mbps – R399 *only two connected devices
  • 10Mbps – R499
  • 20Mbps – R599
  • 50Mbps – R799
  • 100Mbps – R999
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