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Supersonic gives new customers free uncapped internet in December

MTN Supersonic deal
(Image credit: MTN Supersonic)

As the year draws to a close, Supersonic – MTN's fibre internet service – is offering new customers an enticing special deal that will make the process of transitioning to fibre internet a breeze.

From 1 December until 31 January 2021 Supersonic will offer new fibre customers complimentary internet access while they wait for their fibre to be installed.

This is because Fibre Network Operators – the people who install the physical fibre lines across the country – cease operations during December, for the festive period, which means that new customers would have no internet access until the middle of January, at the very least.

In the interim, Supersonic will provide free uncapped internet via F-LTE, which works like a mobile router with LTE speeds.

When the FNOs resume operations, your new fibre line and the router will be installed and your internet will seamlessly switch from LTE to fibre.

Make sure to check whether your area has access to fibre internet, you can do that by visiting Supersonic's coverage map.