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Succession season 3 has started filming – but a release date is harder to pin down

(Image credit: HBO)

Succession, HBO’s highly acclaimed drama series about the wealthy Roy family, has finally resumed filming on its third season following delays caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Pre-production on Succession season 3 began when the global pandemic first hit around March 2020, leading to delays for Succession and other shows airing on HBO. Understandably, the series could not continue production at the time.

Fans may soon have a clearer picture of how Succession season 3 is shaping up, however, as filming for the Jesse Armstrong-led show has finally resumed in New York – and a tentative release date for the next set of episodes is planned. 

Speaking to Deadline, HBO chief content officer Casey Bloys said that in a “normal world” he would hope for Succession season 3 to premiere in the fourth quarter of 2021.

He added: “But that would mean we don’t get hit with any Covid delays. It’s hard to predict right now.” Still, that at least gives you an idea of the timeframe HBO is hoping for. 

Bloys also said the team considered shooting in Los Angeles back when the pandemic first hit, which at the time looked like a safer location than New York in terms of how the Covid-19 situation was being handled. However, the team changed its mind when New York began to make progress on that front, whereas LA started to show signs of decline. 

Instead of changing location, Succession season 3 was put on hold indefinitely until now.

We’re sure fans of Succession will be happy to finally have some clarity in regards to when they can expect the third season to debut – even if they'll be waiting a long time to see how season 2's cliff-hanger betrayal of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) by Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) will be resolved. 

Succession season 3 will release on HBO and HBO Max in the US, and Sky and Now TV in the UK.

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