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Stranger Things season 4 has resumed filming – is a release date next year likely?

(Image credit: Netflix)

Stranger Things season 4 started filming earlier this year, but like pretty much all of your favorite Netflix TV shows, it was put on hold after the coronavirus outbreak happened in March. The production got far enough to produce a teaser trailer featuring the return of Hopper (David Harbour), but that was about it. 

Now, almost seven months later, it looks like filming has resumed on season 4. The Stranger Things official Twitter account posted an update with a picture of a slate board on-set – which suggests new episodes of the show are being worked on again right now.

Check it out below:

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Is Stranger Things season 4 coming in 2021?

It now seems extremely likely that we're going to see Stranger Things season 4 arrive in 2021. Netflix never announced a release date for the show, but 2020 was at least considered an outside possibility. Generally speaking, Stranger Things takes just over a year to make between seasons – season 3 landed in July 2019, so it's possible the creators were angling for a Halloween release this year.

Clearly, that's not on the cards this time. Maybe it's worth having a marathon of the first three seasons instead? If you need something else horror-related on Netflix to tide you over, The Haunting of Bly Manor lands on the streaming service on October 9, too. 

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