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South Africa's online vaccine tracking system: How it will work

Covid-19 Vaccine
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South Africa is preparing to kick start its vaccine roll-out programme with the first doses arriving in the country soon. 

Much like other nations already undertaking the biggest inoculation drives in history, The Health Department are looking to tech to make things easier. 

Administering the vaccine to the correct people requires tracking who has had it, when they had it and when they need to have the second shot. In addition, altering the person to the date of their second injection and following up on any side effects. 

Minister of Health Dr. Zweli Mkhize confirmed that they will be using an online app through which they will send reminders about appointments to those receiving the vaccine. 

The person receiving the vaccine will get an SMS with a vaccine code which they will give to the person conducting the jab along with their ID book and medical aid. The vaccination code is a way for the government to check that the person is eligible for the vaccine and that they are consenting to getting it. 

Through this same system they will get a follow up SMS about when to next go for their second shot. 

Healthcare workers are being encouraged to sign-up to the online vaccine self-registration which is soon to be launched. Through this portal they can see which vaccination site to go to for their appointment and when their date is set for. 

None of this has been launched yet and the Department said they will be undertaking an information campaign alongside the vaccination campaign to make sure those who need to know are aware of what steps to take.  

Leila Stein

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