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South Africa's mobile networks ranked

(Image credit: Vodacom)

The 2020 Mobile Network Quality Report, compiled and published by MyBroadband Insights, offers South Africans a chance to see how their mobile network rank among the rest. 

The report is based on 1.2 million speed tests. These were logged between January 1 and December 31 2020 by 41,000 MyBroadband Speed Test App users across South Africa. 

The data shows that MTN is the top mobile network in the country.  Unsurprisingly to some, Rain came in last. 

The country's average download speed for 2020 came in at 29.33Mbps and an average upload speed of 11.24Mbps. 

The networks ranked: Average download speed

  • MTN: 40.64Mbps
  • Vodacom: 32.23Mbps
  • Telkom: 21.63Mbps
  • Cell C: 16.48Mbps
  • Rain: 16.44Mbps

Network Quality Score

MyBroadband formulated a Network Quality Score calculation for each network, using the download and upload speed, as well as latency. 

The Network Quality Score, ranked out of 10, indicates how the network performed in comparison to other networks.

  • MTN: 9.85/ 10
  • Vodacom: 8.01/ 10 
  • Rain: 5.58/ 10 
  • Telkom: 5.32/ 10
  • Cell C: 4.91/ 10