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South Africa's best early Black Friday TV deals

(Image credit: LG)

Televisions may be less necessary than they used to be with the increased versatility of other devices like laptops and tablets but nothing beats sitting back and watching a movie in impressive definition. 

If you've been on the market for a new TV, Black November is the perfect time to buy with great deals on devices of all sizes and tech levels. We've identified some of the best that have been released so far. 

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Sony 65inch Android OLED TV| R59,999 R49,999| Save R10,000

Featuring airplay, X-Motion Clarity and pixel contrast booster, this a great saving on a TV packed with all the features you want from a smart TV. The 2 year warranty also makes investing in such a big purchase slightly easier. View Deal

Samsung 75inch QLED Smart TV| R54,999 R39,999| Save R15,000

If you're wanting to go big and have big savings, this is a great place to start. With adaptive picture technology, ultra viewing angle and adaptive picture and sound this is a real winner. View Deal

Samsung 55inch UHD 4K Smart TV | R10,999 R9,999| Save R1,000

The Samsung 55inch UHD 4K Flat Smart TV makes for an epic gamer TV, or for those wanting crystal clear clarity for their viewing experience. The TV comes with a 24 month warranty, adding an element of security should anything go wrong in that time. View Deal

Samsung 32-inch Smart LED TV |R3,799 R3,299| Save R500

If you like to have a TV that doesn't take up too much space this is the one for you. With two HDMI ports, one USB port and a 24 month warranty you have everything you need from this new smart TV. View Deal

Samsung 40-inch FHD Smart TV |R5,499 R4,799 | Save R700 

For those looking for something a bit bigger but nothing as large as the massive TVs on offer. The Ultra clean view and HDR means you will see more detail and it also has micro dimming pro which makes sure you have depth to your image. View Deal


 LG 55-inch Smart Nano Cell TV |R14,999 R9,999 | Save R5,000

This smart TV is a great option if you're looking for something in the more expensive price range that has been brought down enough to a more comfortable price. Featuring ThinQ AI and all the smart TV features you need. 

Samsung 75-inch Smart QLED TV |R33,999 R26,999| Save R7,000

For those looking for something a bit bigger, this is a great option with a significant saving. With four HDMI inputs and two USB's, you can add as many devices as you like. The two year guarantee is also a great addition to the deal. View Deal

Hisense 65-inch Smart ULED TV |R27,999 R21,999 | Save R6,000

Nothing is better than a TV with a great guarantee and this one comes with a whole 4 years promised to you. Although a bit pricier than the others on this list, it's size and performance make sure you're getting what you're paying for. View Deal

LG 49-inch Smart UHD LED TV |R7,999 R6,499 | Save R1,500 

This is an impressive UHD LED TV which comes with a 2 year guarantee. The three HDMI's and 2 USB inputs provide everything you need. You can put it up without a stand or with the stand legs included. View Deal


Sinotec 39-inch HD LED TV |R3,699 R2,799 | Save R900 

If you're really trying to save but still want a great TV, without the need for Smart connectivity , this is a fantastic option. With high definition, 2000.1 contrast ratio and 16.09 aspect ratio, you'll have a great view while watching all your favourite shows. View Deal

Hisense 58-inch UHD Smart TV |R9,999 R7,999| Save 2,000

Enjoy more affordable 4K UHD streaming with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. You can also screen mirror your from your phone to the screen. Although a smart TV, there are also 3 HDMI connections and 2 USB inputs for those extra connections. View Deal


LG UHD 86-inch 4K Smart LED TV |R49,999 R39,999|Save R1,000

If you're willing to spend a bit more, this full HD with picture-enhancing quad-core processor and support for 4K Active HDR formats is a great option. It also features LG ThinQ AI which listens, thinks and answers all your requests. 

View Deal

LG 665-inch NanoCell Smart Digital TV|R18,999 R15,999 | Save R3,000

Using new world Nano Colour, this TV is all about pristine colour. The TV has nanometre-sized particles to create great colour accuracy. The minimalist design means it will fit into any room you place it without overwhelming.  View Deal

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