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South Africans will be getting Switch Fortnite Special Edition

Fortnite Nintendo Switch bundle
(Image credit: Nintendo)

South African Fortnite fans are not going to be left out when the new Special Edition Fortnite Nintendo Switch launches.

This limited edition console will be released in South Africa at the same time as Europe on October 30. 

The price of the console has not yet been confirmed. 

Fortnite Nintendo Switch box

(Image credit: Nintendo)

What you're getting

The Fortnite-branded special edition Nintendo Switch console will come with exclusive yellow and blue Joy-Con controllers and a Switch dock with popular Fortnite faces on it.

The console will also have Fortnite pre-installed so you're ready to get going the moment you turn it on. Although it's free anyways, this will just save you a bit of time and it's the extras that are really the drawcard.

Users will also get the Wildcat bundle download code so you can start off with two Wildcat skins, which comes in two styles and 2000 V-Bucks, Fortnite's in-game currency.