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South African swiped for nearly R300,000 in a single transaction on Black Friday

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South Africa isn't revered for her strong economy and so when Black Friday rolls around and people can save on otherwise unaffordable items, best believe we will. 

In the wake of the global pandemic that has shrouded 2020 in misery and made us all acutely aware of our surroundings: Online shopping has recorded a significant upward trend. 

People don't want to leave home unnecessarily and as such, turning to the convenience of ordering items online to their doors. 

This rang true on Black Friday when PayFast, an online gateway payment system, recorded a 50% increase in total online transaction volumes on Black Friday this year, in comparison to last.

The company also recorded a 283% increase in total payment numbers on the last Friday of November (historically when Black Friday is held), in comparison to other days of the month that are busy for buyers, such as pay day.

South Africans love a bargain

South Africans have remained indoors for majority of the year and we were due a "treat yourself" moment. 

This year, PayFast noted that the average spend online shoppers had increased this year in comparison to last. The average basket spend R1,243 this year whereas in 2019, people were averaging R803.

So how much was spent in that single transaction?

The largest single payment recorded by PayFast on Black Friday came from a single consumer who swiped for a single transaction of R299,950. 

This is as far as the details go though.

Its easy to make conclusions that this person is probably some billionaire living their best life, or at the very least, someone who can afford to drop almost R300K without it making too much of an impact to their daily life. 

But that's all that this is: an assumption. 

Black Friday is designed to let consumers save on items that may not ordinarily have been able to afford. Maybe this person spent their life savings, or saved for a number of years to purchase items they have dreamt of owning for years. 

Maybe it was a company purchasing new equipment ahead of the New Year. 

We will never know.