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South Africa to get a new online retailer, Everyshop

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South Africans will soon welcome online shopping platform Everyshop. From tech products to appliances and everything in between: The new virtual retailer will go head-to-head with Takealot. 

Everyshop is financially backed by JD Group, which is a member of Pepkor Holdings. Incredible Connection and HiFi Corp, legends in the tech retail space, are familiar brands under this umbrella. 

Other brands under this massive umbrella are Russels and Sleepmasters meaning household goods and appliances are also available to consumers through the group.

An increased demand in online shopping, helped by the global pandemic and people not wanting to leave home, has brought about the idea of creating a one-stop online shop. 

The online 'store' will bring an array of products form JD Group's existing offerings, as well as a variety of new products. 

Here's hoping the new online retailer will offer consumers better customer care, something Takealot has fallen short of based on customer feedback. 

There is no official launch date for Everyshop but the excitement is building for those looking to take their business elsewhere.