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Sony's best vlogging camera, ZV-1, SA launch: release, prices

Sony ZV-1
(Image credit: Future)

The Sony ZV-1 pocket-sized digital camera will soon arrive in South Africa, with the company just announcing dates and prices.

This is Sony's first compact camera with a side-opening Vari-angle LCD screen and was purposefully created for vloggers and content creators. 

For those working in the content creation space, the pay-off of a massive DSLR against the admittedly strong smartphone cameras is a tough one. That's why Sony have tried to bridge the gap. 

Rather than sacrificing quality for mobility when shooting, vloggers and content creators can now take a camera that will produce the quality they need with them easily. 


Sony said the ZV-1 will be available in South Africa from August 2020. 

It appears those who are keen to get their hands on one can already order on the ORMS website. 


The Sony ZV-1 is selling at R16,995. 

This price is pretty steep, especially since you can get excellent DSLR's for less than R10,000. 

What makes it attractive is the vlog-specific features which more experienced vloggers, those who vlog for a living, are going to find valuable. 

A nice bonus is that before the 2 August, Sony are throwing in a free Bluetooth GP-VPT2 Shooting Grip, which customers can claim for through Sony itself. This means you can easily shoot while on the move, with a solid grip and not having to worry about stabilisation. 

Leila Stein

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