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Sony A7C III is on its way to South Africa: pricing availability

Sony A7C
(Image credit: Sony)

The new Alpha-series small, mirrorless camera from Sony will be arriving in South Africa this month. The A7c III provides the power needed to create beautiful videos, with vloggers in mind. 

Sony South Africa has now announced that the camera will be arriving in the country this month for those who have been waiting to get their hands on one. 


This small camera is designed for vloggers, its lightweight but carries significant power to capture crystal clear video on the go. 

Weighing in at just 501 grams and and 124 x 71.1 x 59.7mm, the claim that this is currently the smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera on the market is believable. 

To keep the camera light, the company has created a specific lens which doesn't add weigh to this tiny body. The 28-60mm f4-5.6 zoom lens is unique because it keeps the small aesthetic and doesn't bulk down the camera, weighing only 167 grams. 

Sony has packed the camera with high quality tech and abilities. It has an ISO range of up to 51,200, can shoot 4K/30p video and has Sony's expected image stabiliser.

Despite being a camera for vloggers, it doesn't offer 4k/60p and 8-bit color depth.


The A7C III is not for those who are light on cash. The small camera comes at an impressively expensive price. 

For the body alone it costs R40,000, with the extra hardware (28-60mm kit lens) pushing up the price to R45,500. 

This hefty price makes it likely that only very serious professional vloggers and Youtubers will opt-in. Although even at this price point, the lightweight feature might not be enough to convince the professionals to choose the A7C over heavier, but cheaper, options. 

Leila Stein

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