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Showmax releases trailer for DAM, its latest original series

(Image credit: Showmax)

Showmax unveiled the trailer of for DAM its latest original offering, which is a small-town psychological thriller set in the Eastern Cape.

Silwerskerm Best Actress winner  Lea Vivier stars as Yola Fischer, who returns to the Eastern Cape from Chile to bury her father.

To her dismay she discovers that he left the family farm to her - this irritates her sister, Sienna. As it turns out the farm may be more of a curse than a blessing, as the house appears to be trying to tell her something.

But with her mother institutionalised and her own medication running out Yola isn't sure if she can believe her eyes.

The eight-part series was written and directed by four-time SAFTA winner, Alex Yazbek. It was shot on location in Bedford and Adelaide in the Amathole District in Eastern Cape.

Cinematographer, Tom Marais, masterfully utilises the locations, which provide a nice change of pace from the cities we usually see in South African series.

If you spell DAM backwards, you get MAD, which is a hint at what to expect in the show. 

"This town, look at it, it’s perfect on the outside,” Bernoldus, the local handyman, tells Yola during the ominous trailer. “But underneath, there’s a lot going on.”

The Showmax Original is made in partnership with the Eastern Cape Development Corporation, the Amathole District Municipality and Picture Tree.

DAM makes its debut on Monday, February 22.