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Samsung to make new TVs more accessible

Samsung Big TV Days Offer In India
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung announced it will be making sure all of its 2021 QLED and Neo QLED TVs will come with new features to help the sight and hearing impaired. 

This push for accessibility is welcomed as special adaptions and addition by programmes are usually the only improvement in accessibility for those who need it. 

At CET Samsung showed how improvements would work on their TVs, specifically caption moving and sign language zoom. 

Technology has helped with accessibility greatly but these updates really push the envelope when it comes to making new smart TV use more accessible. 

No pricing has been released for the TVs as yet, so it will be interesting to see if all these added features also mean added cost. 

Caption Moving 

Caption boxes and subtitles are standard with TVs but they are rigid and usually found squarely at the bottom of the screen in the middle. This means that if a movie hasn't been designed with this in mind, the box can block important text embedded in the movie or action on screen. 

Samsung's new TVs will allow users to move the box so they don't miss out on anything happening behind it. 

Sign Language Zoom 

Sign Language Zoom will allow users to zoom in on the sign language interpreter box in the corner of the screen. 

Colour Inversion and SeeColor

Colour inversion will help those with low vision change the colours on menus and other items which make it even harder to see and SeeColors is specifically aimed at colour blind people. SeeColors helps identify colours better.

Learn Remote 

Learn Remote brings remote tech into the 21st Century, with a voice assistant which tells people what each button does. 

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