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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 in SA: release date, pricing

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
(Image credit: Samsung)

Foldable phones have had a rough start, especially for Samsung. Their first Galaxy Fold had a host of issues and wasn't the pioneering success they had hoped it would be. Now, they're trying again with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. 

This premium smartphone is truly really impressive and filled with features to back up the hefty price. With multiple screen configurations and ample space, it is clearly aimed at those who love being at the forefront of technology. 

South Africans will soon be able to get their hands on this phone. Pre-orders start from September 7,  and the official release is September 25. 


With two edge-to-edge Infinity-O displays, Samsung has made a major leap from the first version of this phone. The gorilla glass is designed to last through significant drops, because a foldable phone will have more screens to replace which means more money. 

The improved hinges are also a big win, as the previous version had poor hinge construction and was shown to break when exposed to dust and other particles. 

The new phone is bigger than the first one - the exterior screen is 6.2 inches and the primary screen is 7.6 inches.

The rear camera boasts three 12MP lenses and the front-facing camera an impressive 10MP. 

It is 5G ready, meaning the money spent will be even more worth it once 5G rolls out properly across the country.


Here's the big hit. The phone is priced at a whopping R49,999. This makes it one of the most expensive phones on the market. 

This is understandable because it was designed to be a high premium range, but that's still a hard knock to take if you want to buy it outright. 

There's no confirmation on exactly how much it would cost on contract but Samsung says they are expecting around  R2,799 per month.

Leila Stein

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