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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 launch South Africa: prices, release

(Image credit: WinFuture)

South Africa was the first to get the inside information on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, a good few hours ahead of the global launch. 

While the full suite of products were coming out during the global launch, the local version did not disappoint. 

Unveiling the Note 20, Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung showed off that nothing, not even a global pandemic has a chance of slowing them down. 

Both phones take into consideration how the world has changed. As working from home has become the new norm and the lines between business, pleasure and leisure have become blurred, Samsung has translated this into their new devices that are equally versatile. 

In addition to individual phone specs, all the Notes now have Microsoft integration so you can work seamlessly between phone and laptop. 

Let's take a look at the phone breakdowns. 

Note 20 

The Galaxy Note 20, while the lower grade of the two, is no second choice. 

Available in LTE and 5G, the phone has its largest ever screen-to-body ratio. The standard 256GB can be supported by online cloud storage.

The phone comes with four cameras, three at the back and two in the front.  A 12MP main sensor, 12MP ultra wide lens and 64MP telephoto lens.

It comes in bronze, green and grey all with the unique haze effect which makes the phone look sun-lit at all times rather than just a hard colour. 

A big improvement is the SPen stylus which has brought its latency down to just 9ms. This is incredibly impressive and means drawing and writing on the phone doesn't have any of the quirks and frustrating lag that might come to mind. 

All day battery means never having to charge midway through your day or be cut-off when its least convenient. In addition, the 5 minute, charge ability gives you an extra hour boost if you need it. 

Note 20 Ultra 

The Note 20 Ultra is the next step up. With a bigger screen, 5G standard and impressive video and camera features, this phone is clearly made for those who use their phones for everything and need the quality. 

It has a 1TB memory, though being 5G means that everything can be on the cloud and easily accessible. 

Much like the Note 20 the improved stylus, all day battery and impressive screen size make it stand out. However, where the Note 20 Ultra really shines is its cameras. 

The 8K recording ability puts it on par or higher than many DSLR cameras out there and able to shoot professionally without dying after just a few minutes. 

The buttery smooth zoom also means you can art direct whatever you're shooting while you're shooting it rather than putting in effects later, avoiding the stuttery zoom effect. 

The added camera features expected from much a high quality phone are also available, with the portrait pro mode to which art directs portrait shots for you, making photography even easier. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Finally a challenger to the Airpods. Samsung went in a different direction, trying to add glitz as well as performance for their true wireless earbuds. 

The jewel colour, bean-shaped buds are ergonomically designed to fit in your ear so they are comfortable and effectively noise cancelling. With an easy sync to your Galaxy Watch, they are a great lifestyle and workout partner. 

Pricing and release

The phones are pricey but on par with competitors in their range. For the power they pack, it is not surprising to see these kinds of prices. 

Note 20 LTE will cost R24,999 while the Note 20 5G will cost R27,999 The Note 20 Ultra which is 5G will come in at R36,999. 

To sweeten the deal, Samsung are running a pre-order treat for those who are especially keen to get their hands on the new phone. 

If you pre-order on the Samsung store before August 21, Samsung are throwing in a R4000 gift voucher so you can buy whatever you like online to go with your new phone. 

Leila Stein

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