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Rumours make the rounds about Apple Pay coming to South Africa

Mobile payments
(Image credit: Future)

The long wait for Apple Pay in South Africa seems like it is almost over.

Although this has made it possible for improved QR payment mechanisms like Snapscan and Zapper to be built in the country already, having this major payment feature from Apple will be a nice addition for South Africans invested in the Apple universe. 

A clue that it might be on its way can be found in the updated terms on Discovery Bank's website. MyBroadband users spotted the introduction of Apple Pay as one of its supported payment systems. However, this was later removed and the website currently only mentions Fitbit, Garmin and Samsung Pay options. 

Nedbank's payment methods have also been updated and mention Apple Pay under their "digital wallets" section. 

This leaves most pretty confused but hints at a possible future inclusion of Apple Pay as the companies could be in discussion and not ready for an official launch yet. 

Apple Pay and Africa

Apple Pay is not supported in a single African country. This is a still pretty shocking but it is hard to decide who ultimately at fault. 

Interest from banks to support Apple Pay is one side of the coin, while Apple may not see interest in expanding to this area because of the effort required for a possibly lower pay-off. 

These small hints from Discovery and Nedbank are the closest South Africa has come to seeing the arrival of Apple Pay, which could spearhead the expansion of this payment system on the continent. 

Leila Stein

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