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Ridley Scott shows us what life was like one day in 2020 in new film

Life in a Day
(Image credit: Life in a Day)

A film created by the public has been uploaded to YouTube and shows a day in the life of people across the planet on July, 25 2020. 

This is a follow-up to a film made in 2010, director Kevin Macdonald and producer Ridley Scott returned to those that participated 10 years ago and asked them to try again. 

This unique documentary has the participants filming a day in their life, including both boring and monumentous moments. While a great idea in general, revisiting these people to see how life has changed, 2020 was also an interesting year to return to as life was so altered by the pandemic. 

The filmmakers received 300,000 videos from 192 countries. Some standard like the US and others as far-reaching as Northern Siberia. 

In a tale that connected us as humans, the filmmakers decided to compile the film into segments which bring together love, loss, celebration and heartbreak to show how similar our experiences are no matter where we are in the world.

The original film in 2010 was a huge success, debuting at Sundance and being viewed on YouTube 16-million times. 

Some new additions to the 2020 film which were not even fathomable in 2010 include hospitals filled with patients, a myriad of Zoom calls (especially since Zoom was only created in 2012) and people all over the world wearing masks regularly. 

A touching and tragic tribute, the film is an impressive project that is worth a watch. 

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