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Rain denies throttling accusations

(Image credit: Rain)

In September 2019, Rain launched its Unlimited Home 5G Premium package, promising “unlimited” and “ultra fast” 5G download speeds for R999 per month.

The company also offers a less expensive Unlimited Home 5G Standard product with speeds throttled to 30Mbps and streaming limited to 720p.

The high-end package is clearly aimed at people looking for a service with no speed or streaming quality limitations.

However, it has recently emerged that throttling may occur on its premium 5G products.

Rain denies throttling.

In response to claims of speed throttling, Rain stated that it does not throttle the speeds of routers assigned to customers.

Rain told MyBroadband that its network was managed to ensure that all customers had positive experiences based on their product selection.

The company's Chief of Networks and Operations Officer stated that he has personally communicated with the customer about the problem and has identified a change in radio conditions as the root cause.

Rain explained, "This is due to the topography of the area and could be the result of new 5G sites going up in the area."

“Within the next 24 hours, a team of senior engineers will be dispatched for further investigation and installation verification.”

Rain did not directly respond to a question about the maximum speed that users of the Unlimited 5G Premium package should expect.

Rain's website initially stated that the service would provide speeds of up to 700Mbps, but this figure was later reduced to 200Mbps.

However, since the most recent update to its website earlier this year, Rain no longer provides an actual number for expected speeds, instead simply stating that users can expect “ultra-fast” speeds.