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Rain launches unlimited 4G data package

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Rain has launched its new unlimited 4G data package for mobile phones on a month-to-month contract. 

The deal is pretty sweet at only R379 a month but it comes with a few caveats. The company has placed restrictions on the usage and ability of the streams so it becomes a little more limited.

Should you consider this new option for your smartphone? Let's take a look at Rain's capabilities. 

Limiting the unlimited 

Users can only stream at a resolution up to 360p, so no high definition Netflix mobile allowed. You also can't use it to make your phone a mobile hotspot, which at this price would be the reason you would buy it.

Since Rain has been the brunt of significant signal and connectivity complaints, limiting this offering like this makes the benefits it can provide heavily diminished, despite the cheap price. 

Rain's low ranking 

While one of the more innovative network offerings on the market, Rain has received significant complaints from unhappy customers who believe they are not keeping their promises when it comes to staying connected. 

Although the company offers impressive speeds and features like "unlimited" data, complaints about under-delivering have made it all the way to the Advertising Regulatory Board. 

The network has also consistently ranked worst in MyBroadband Insight's network tests, with average download speeds of 10.02Mbps in the most recent tests. However, it should be noted that they were the only ones who didn't benefit from the temporary spectrum increase that occurred during lockdown. 

Buy if

You don't spend much of your time streaming series or videos but are mostly focused on using your phone and internet connection for sending messages, emails and calls using apps like WhatsApp. 

If you're wanting to watch Netflix with an unlimited cap, this isn't the package for you. 

Leila Stein

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