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rAge Expo 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19

(Image credit: rAge)

South Africa's biggest video gaming, technology and geek culture exhibition has been cancelled as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown. 

The expo was meant to take place between the 4-6 September, but after realising there is no indication of when lockdown will end, or when it will be safe for crowds to gather, the decision was taken to cancel it for this year. 

rAge has been going for 18 years and brings together gamers and geeks from across the country who play video games, roll the dice on fantasy games and explore comic books both international and local.

“We’re a resilient bunch. So, we’re working on an online version of rAge, in the spirit of the technology and inventiveness that drives the expo. rAge has always been much bigger than the building that contains it. So, bringing South Africa’s fabled gaming and pop culture icon to the online world makes sense," said Founder and Project Manager of rAge, Michael James. 

"It will be unlike anything we’ve ever done before, and we hope to create an experience filled with exciting and unique tailor-made content. This isn’t a simple task and we’re doing what we can to ensure it feels and looks as good as possible, and without too many bugs, glitches or lag," he said. 

rAge organisers are also looking to gain input from their fans, especially about what they expect from this digital venture. Add your voice to creating this new digital adventure here.

Dates and announcements about the online rAge will be announced soon. 

Leila Stein

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