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Project 007 release date, trailers, news and everything we know

Project 007
(Image credit: IO Interactive)

A brand new James Bond game is in the works at IO Interactive, which is tentatively being called Project 007.

Project 007 (which is a working title) is currently in development by the studio behind the beloved Hitman franchise and it's reportedly IO Interactive's next big release.

IO Interactive shared the news on Twitter with a short teaser trailer which doesn't show any gameplay, but it does tell us that the story is going to be focused on Bond's origins, which is a "completely original" story made for the game.

Better yet, the teaser trailer gave us a riff on that classic Bond intro sequence we all know and love; check it out below.

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To say that there hasn't been a good Bond game in recent memory is an understatement. Throughout the storied history of James Bond video games, only a few have ever stood out. 

Chief among them, obviously, is GoldenEye 007 on the N64 (1997). After that, well, the next best offering was 007 Nightfire on the PS2 which was released in 2002. While both of these games were seriously awesome, everything which came after has been bitterly disappointing.

Is this the time we're finally going to get a half-decent James Bond game? Perhaps, if IO Interactive decides to keep the multiplayer options like team deathmatch and all the other brilliantly fun parts of versus.

There's plenty of reason to remain hopeful, however, that this Bond game could be one of the best spy sims to ever grace our consoles and PCs whenever it releases.

Depending on how highly you value the Hitman games, you'll either be pleased or mildly indifferent to the fact that IO Interactive is taking the helm of this new project, as it seemingly moves away from the Hitman franchise.

At the moment, further details on the project are few and far between, but an interview with IO Interactive's studio director did reveal that the upcoming game won't be based on any of the actors featured in the film series. Hakan Abrak described how his team “have been allowed to make [their] own digital Bond, which will not lean on a Bond actor."  

In the past, almost all Bond games have relied upon the likeness to a big-screen actor as both a marketing tool and a way to ground their stories in a movie-like authenticity. In the interview, Abrak also confirmed the originality of the studio's take on Bond, suggesting players could take control of a much younger 007 than fans might be used to. It makes sense, then, that Project 007 won’t be based on a Bond movie actor.

For now, we can probably expect to see this game release on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, but we won't know definitively until we get more information as time goes on.