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Picture frame or TV? Samsung reinvigorate the aesthetic tech trend

(Image credit: Samsung)

Televisions have been trying to mould into the aesthetic of our living rooms for years. As they have gotten thinner and sleeker they almost blend in and are no longer obtrusive. 

Samsung are now taking this to the next level by changing the focus for your television, from fading into the background to making it a centre piece. 

The Frame TV and The Serif TV, are designed to stand alone as a feature in your living room. With the frame design, these TVs can convert from television to art masterpiece in a matter of seconds. 

While improving its aesthetic appeal, Samsung have kept the technological integrity of their products.  Each combines innovative design with stunning QLED picture quality and Smart TV features.

The Frame

Like the name says, this TV is surrounded by a frame so it will look good on your wall. Watch your favourite shows in 4K QLED quality or switch over to one of the 1,000 pieces of art while it's on idle.

Customisable to suit your house, there is also the option to have the TV on a stand and making it more of a feature in the room.

The Serif

Much like the Frame, the Serif is designed as a statement piece. The detachable metal floor stand means you can place it in any part of the room, rather than the standard wall design. 

The Serif's impressive functionality is apparent in its seamlessness. Compatible with smartphones, you can switch from watching on your phone to the TV easily. Your smartphone becomes the remote and you can create a split screen to look at your phone and watch TV at the same time. 


The Samsung lifestyle TV range is more affordable than what was expected. The retail prices are: 

Frame TV 65″ – R32 999

Frame TV 55″ – R26 999

Serif TV 55″ – R22 999

Serif TV 49″ – R17 999

Serif TV 43″ – R14 999

Leila Stein

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