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Pick n Pay to launch 'Pick n Pay Mobile'

Cell tower
(Image credit: Pexels)

Pick n Pay has announced plans to launch a namesake mobile network operator, with data at affordable rates. 

However, CEO Richard Brasher has kept tight-lipped on the details of the network and how South Africans will benefit from it. 

So far all that has been revealed is that it's happening and that there will be two new mobile virtual network operator (MVNOs) brands: PnP Mobile and Boxercom.

It is not completely surprising that a big brand like Pick n Pay would be interested in getting into the data game. Everyday their tills see people who are buying data on pay-as-you-go through other networks, so getting in on the action isn't a surprise. 

What will be interesting is how it will be rolled out and whether it will deliver. South Africa's current network have held a strong grip on some of the top spots. This is clear by how few major networks their are with MTN and Vodacom continuously vying for the top position. 

New entrants into this market have to bring something extra and cheaper prices are only valuable if they can still ensure a decent connection. 

New networks like Rain have seen how offering something for less doesn't always win you favours, if your customers don't believe you're delivering on your promises. 

For now we'll have to wait and see, but a successful launch by Pick n Pay may be the shake-up our service providers need.