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Pick n Pay mobile network officially launches

(Image credit: Vodafone)

Pick n Pay (PnP) has officially launched its own Mobile Virtual Network. 

This new network widens the range of choices for South Africans and is especially geared at those who are already loyal PnP customers. 

Unlike big mobile network providers, PnP isn't working off its own steam but rather piggy-backing on the towers put up by MTN. 

How it works

Much like other networks, customers will buy a SIM card to operate off of. 

This can be done in a PnP store where you can quickly RICA your card as you buy it. 

Once that's done the next step is to link your SIM and your Smart Shopper card. PnP has set up an interesting rewards system which gives shoppers access to free instant data rewards on top of their Shopper points. 

To kickstart this earning however, you do have to at least spend R50 on your PnP Mobile SIM although this is easily done when buying necessary airtime or data. 

For every R10 spent on your shopping with PnP, you earn 5MB of data. To keep this in check, the company have put limits depending on your tier spend with PnP mobile. The more you spend on your SIM, the more your'e able to earn in data in one month. 

PnP Mobile Tariff rates

  • Voice- R 1,49 per minute across all networks
  • Data- R 0,20 per MB
  • SMS- R 0,60 per message
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