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Organizing your digital life has never been easier with this top password manager - and it’s astonishingly cheap

(Image credit: Keeper Security)

Remembering countless different passwords for every online account is no easy task, especially when best practice dictates that passwords should never be reused.

The problem has also been made worse with the rise of remote working, which has made managing your digital life even more important, because company data is also on the line.

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The best way to balance security with convenience is to enlist the right set of tools and services. Using a leading password manager, for example, allows you to organize your various online accounts - both personal and corporate - and ensures each of them remains as secure as possible.

There are plenty of password managers on the market, but with Keeper Security’s latest discounts, restoring order to your mess of credentials has become significantly more affordable.

The Keeper Unlimited Plan is now available at 40% for anyone that subscribes for one year - working out at less than $2.00 per month (about the price of one cappuccino).

It gives you the ability to generate secure passwords, autofill credentials when logging into websites, and manage as many online accounts as you like. It will also alert you to any weak or duplicated passwords, meaning you are significantly less likely to suffer secondary attacks if your data is exposed in a breach.

For added security, all Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) methods are supported, including SMS, fingerprint, FaceID and physical security keys.

You can also save full backups of your records and restore to a previous state at any time, and 24/7 customer support is always on hand should you need it.