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Online game retailers won't be taking any more pre-orders for the PS5 in SA

Sony PS5
(Image credit: Sony)

Koodoo, one of South Africa's biggest online gaming retailers, announced it will not be taking your money in the hope of a PS5 console anymore. 

In an email to subscribers, the retailers said that they will not be holding another round of pre-orders as a result of the continued delay in shipments of the product to South Africa.

Sony has had a shortage of the much-sought-after console worldwide, with hawkers selling those they got their hands on at incredibly inflated prices.

Recently the company explained that the slow production of PS5s to reach demands continues as a result of a shortage of semiconductors and other components. This means even if Sony wanted to speed up production to fulfil all the pre-orders stacking up globally, they are unable to. 

As a result, Koodoo is trying to avoid creating a virtual "line" of customers who have put their money down but are now waiting months to get what they paid for. 

Instead, the retailer said they would go live with orders once they have reviewed the stock in their distribution centre. 

Although they couldn't give a specific date they said "let's book a date for early March, giving gamers some hope. 

To be the first to know when their stock drops, it's recommended you sign up to their mailing list as those consoles will be gone in seconds. 

Leila Stein

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