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Nu Metro cinemas close during the week- here's what to stream instead

(Image credit: Unsplash)

One of South Africa's biggest cinema chains is again removing its weekday viewings as the lockdown levels make going to the cinema an unlikely event. 

In an attempt to save money and avoid closures, the company will now operate only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 

While foot traffic to cinemas dropping is one reason for the return to August-level showtimes, the lack of films made over 2020 is also contributing. Nu Metro simply cannot buy enough films to keep the offerings fresh. 

Many films that were meant to be released in 2020 were pushed back to 2021 as filming was halted all over the world. Major Hollywood productions have struggled to keep their schedules as intermittent lockdowns and intense safety precautions make it difficult to film. 

South Africa's own lockdown rules have also now limited showtimes because of the curfew and restrictions on numbers means fewer people are able to sit in the cinema, and masks are a standard requirement. 

However, there is little to fear as the few movies that have come out since last year has gone straight to streaming. Find some of the best lists we've compiled on what to watch below: 




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