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Nintendo Switch unlikely to get Xbox Game Pass, says insider

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People have been calling for an Xbox Game Pass app on Nintendo Switch for a while now, but it may finally be time to lay those dreams to rest. 

Despite fans and analysts believing it would be a fantastic opportunity for everyone, new information suggests such a deal will never happen.

David Gibson, an analyst for Astris Advisory Japan, said in a tweet that Nintendo has directly told him no other streaming services would be coming to Switch, adding it was a “lost opportunity.” 

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After Nintendo’s collaboration with Ubitus (which brought games like Control: Ultimate Edition and Hitman 3 to Switch via cloud gaming) fans had hoped more partnerships would be on the way; it appears that won’t be the case.

Nintendo could later change its mind about Xbox Game Pass, but for now it looks like we’re out of luck. If you’re wanting to play Xbox games on the go you’ll have to stick with your phone for a while longer.

Would Microsoft want Game Pass on Switch? 

We now seem to know Nintendo’s Game Pass stance, but what about Xbox? Would they really want one of its console rivals to be able to use such an awesome feature?

It appears so. While many believe this thanks to the slew of Nintendo Switches that have appeared in Xbox showcases, including one on display at Microsoft's recent Game Stack event, we also heard it straight from Phil Spencer (the head of Xbox). 

Back in October 2020, Spencer told GamesRadar that while it wasn't targeting Game Pass at the Switch or PS4 currently Xbox “could be open to those discussions.”

Xbox seems committed in its plan to reach as many gamers as possible with Game Pass, but for the time being it might be stuck on just Xbox consoles, phones, and PC. 

Thankfully, that's already quite a wide array of devices – providing you have a solid internet connection for those that rely on Xbox Game Pass's streaming technologies.

Cross-platform gaming seemed impossible a few years ago and now it’s seemingly everywhere, and the ball got rolling thanks to an Xbox / Nintendo collaboration with Minecraft. Maybe something similar can happen again in the future.

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