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New WhatsApp feature simplifies e-commerce

WhatsApp Carts
(Image credit: WhatsApp)

WhatsApp has added a virtual shopping cart feature to its complement of business features that users can use fill with items they would like to purchase or enquire about.

Users can browse through a business' catalogue and select items, once the items have been added to the cart it can be sent to the business in a single messaging instead of going back and forth, as was the case prior to this update.

This Facebook-owned messaging platform is a very popular form of business-to-customer communication, as more than 175 million people contact businesses via WhatsApp every day, so this latest addition to WhatsApp Business accounts is not a surprise.

The cart feature is now live globally, meaning we've got it in South Africa.

This handy new update allows you to place orders quickly, order multiple items simultaneously and ask questions about multiple items at the same time.

How Cart works

When you are interacting with a WhatsApp Business account the cart feature will allow you to begin the order process directly without having to message the business about each product listed on their catalogue.

You should be able to see a shopping button next to the business' name when you open the chat interface.

Click the button to browse the business' catalogue and add items to your cart.

You will also be able to edit the quantity of each item in your cart.

Once you have the correct number of items you should be able to send the items in your cart to the business account as a WhatsApp message.