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Netflix launches new mobile subscription plans for SA

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Netflix has launched two new mobile subscription plans in South Africa that will allow you to stream your favourite movie or series starting at R39 a month.

The two new packages, Mobile and Mobile+, will cost subscribers less than R60. The Mobile package is priced at R39 per month while the Mobile+ costs R59 a month. 

The packages are very affordable in comparison to the existing packages. They offer the basics of what you need to Netflix and chill.

Mobile versus Mobile+

The Mobile plan offers one stream at a time and supports both smartphones and tablets. Users can stream at a max resolution of 480p.

Mobile+ is somewhat of a premium offering. It allows viewers to stream shows at 480p on their laptops, desktop computer, mobile phones and tablets, hence the R20 price difference.

How to select one of the new plans

When you access the sign up page, Netflix will offer you one of the two mobile offerings. The options are randomly selected for each user, according to MyBroadband.

Netflix sign up page presents users with either of the new mobile offerings.

Netflix sign up page presents users with either of the new mobile offerings. (Image credit: Netflix)

In comparison to the existing packages, the two new Mobile plans are far more affordable. 

The Basic, Standard and Premium packages cost R99, R139 and R169 respectively. These plans can be streamed through smart TVs and offer high video quality.

If you're looking to cut costs but don't want to sacrifice Netflix, then changing your plan to one of these new packages may be your chance of having the best of both worlds. 

Students can also benefit from the new plans, rather than having to depend on their parents to set up an account.