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Moto G9 release date, price, news, leaks, and which phones have already launched

Moto G8
The Moto G8 (above) could soon have a successor (Image credit: TechRadar)

There are three Moto G9 phones in existence right now, as Motorola seems to be releasing the series slowly, one every few months. But while we have the Moto G9 Play, Power and Plus right now, we could see more coming very soon.

The Moto G9 series succeeds the Moto G8 range, with improvements to the fingerprint sensor, cameras, battery sizes and more (depending on the model). By the time the whole range is out, we could see upwards of six or seven models. 

Below you'll find all the details on the three Moto G9 phones that are out so far - we'll also list any leaks and rumors when they emerge, but we haven't heard any on the unannounced members of the line.

At the time of writing, we don’t know much about the Moto G9 range save the unveiled phones, not even which models are coming, but this article will give you all the information that's out there right now. As more phones are shown off, we'll update this article with them, so keep checking back for all the latest news.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next budget smartphone selection from Motorola
  • When is it out? Three already are, the rest over the coming months
  • What will it cost? We'd expect a low-end price for all

Moto G9 release date and price

The first three Moto G9 phones have already been unveiled, but we'd expect many more very soon.

The Moto G8 Plus launched in October 2019, and its siblings were drip-fed to us for about eight months after that, and we could see the same thing happen for this line too.

So if you were excited to see the entirety of the Moto G9 line-up before choosing a phone, you might be waiting a long, long time.

The Moto G9 Play, this first phone, costs £159 (roughly $210, AU$290), and we expect this is the most affordable member of the line. It is compared to the Moto G9 Plus, at least, which costs £259 (roughly $330, AU$550), but we'd expect that to be the priciest model. There's also the Moto G9 Power at €200 (roughly $230, £180, AU$330) which, if precedent is to be believed, could have its own budget version too.

For reference, the Moto G8 Plus is £239 / AU$499 (roughly $310), so the Moto G9 Plus is a pretty small step up. However, it may not be available in the US, given that the Moto G8 Plus isn’t.

Moto G9 Play

(Image credit: Motorola)

The first Moto G9 phone to be revealed was the Moto G9 Play. It's known as the Moto G9 in India, but the devices are identical in every way.

The Moto G9 Play has a 6.5-inch 1600 x 720 LCD display, with a teardrop notch at the top for its front-facing camera. It's got a plastic body with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and there's also a USB-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack.

The processor here is a Snapdragon 662, and it's joined with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. There's also a 5,000mAh battery which uses 20W fast charging.

On the back there's a triple-lens camera array, consisting of a 48MP main, 2MP depth-sensing and 2MP macro snapper. Then on the front there's an 8MP shooter.

Moto G9 Plus

Moto G9 Plus

Moto G9 Plus (Image credit: Moto Brazil)

The second device in the series to get shown off was the Moto G9 Plus, which will likely end up being the top-end device in the line.

The phone has a 64MP main camera with an 8MP ultra-wide, 2MP macro and 2MP depth-sensing snapper too - that's the highest-res main camera we've seen on a Moto G phone. There's a 16MP camera on the front.

This is the first numbered Moto G phone to have a side-mounted fingerprint sensor instead of one on the back, not counting the Moto G 5G Plus which technically wasn't in the Moto G8 line.

Inside the phone is a mid-ranged 730G chipset, a 5,000mAh battery (which supports 30W fast charging), 4GB RAM and 128GB storage.

The screen is the biggest we've seen in a Moto G phone at 6.81 inches across, and it's broken up by a 'punch-hole' cut-out for the selfie camera.

Check out our Moto G9 Plus review here.

Moto G9 Power

Moto G9 Power

(Image credit: Future)

True to its name, the Moto G9 Power has a huge 6,000mAh battery, which will likely last for two full days of use. That's a bigger battery than most consumer-focused smartphones have, and the only exceptions are rugged smartphones for outdoors use.

The phone has a 6.8-inch display, a Snapdragon 662 chipset, three rear cameras (with a 64MP main) and 20W charging. Of course, it has a low price too.

We're testing the Moto G9 Power right now and hope to have a review up very soon.

What we want to see

Moto G8 Power

The range might include a successor to the Moto G8 Power (above) (Image credit: Future)

While we don’t know much about the Moto G9 range at the time of writing, we do have plenty of ideas about what we want from it, such as the following.

1. NFC in all models

The basic Moto G8 doesn’t have NFC, which means you can’t make contactless payments with it, which seems a significant omission in 2020, especially when the Moto G7 does have NFC (at least in some regions).

Sure, the Moto G8 Plus has NFC, but for the Moto G9 we want to see it offered across the range. Its absence in the Moto G8 was likely a cost-cutting measure, but hopefully it can be included this time without pushing the price up much if at all.

2. 1080p or better screens across the range

As with NFC, the basic Moto G8 doesn’t have a 1080p screen, and nor does the Moto G8 Power Lite, which even for a budget phone feels like a bit of a miss.

So for the Moto G9 range we want the resolution boosted on these basic models. In a world where many phones are now QHD+, and 1080p is the standard, it’s the least we want to see.

3. Better secondary cameras

Moto G8

The Moto G8 has a triple-lens camera but not all the lenses are useful (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Moto G8 and Moto G8 Plus both have triple-lens cameras, but they’re not without issues. The third of those cameras on the Moto G8 is a near-useless macro one, while on the Moto G8 Plus the ultra-wide lens oddly only works for video, which is quite limiting.

So we want some more thought put into the cameras for the Moto G9 and Moto G9 Plus, so that every lens is as useful as possible.

4. Glass backs and metal frames

The Moto G8 and Moto G8 Plus both have plastic backs and frames, marking them out as distinctly cheap, but for the Moto G9 and Moto G9 Plus we’d like to see them upgraded to glass backs and metal frames.

In fairness, most rival handsets are also plastic, so this might be asking a bit much, but with ever steeper competition coming from the likes of the Oppo A5 2020, a more premium build would help the Moto G9 range stand out.

5. 5G

5G phones are quickly becoming more affordable, and Motorola has got in on the affordable 5G action already with the Moto G 5G Plus, but the next step is surely to build 5G into the main Moto G range, so we’d like to see at least one of the Moto G9 models offer it.