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Looking Glass launching software that can turn your photos in holograms

Looking Glass Portrait
(Image credit: Looking Glass)

Looking Glass Factory, the company that created the world's first holographic display in 2018, has unveiled a unique device that makes holographic technology accessible to a wider audience.

The Looking Glass Portrait is a personal holographic display that can be used every day. 

No coding knowledge is required in order to use the display, which is designed with people that work with 3D imaging, such as artists, developers, filmmakers and photographers, in mind. 

You can even create a hologram with your smartphone provided you have the correct type of camera.

Looking Glass Company

(Image credit: Looking Glass Company)

But as we've seen with similar devices in this technology field – virtual-reality headsets and the like – innovation doesn't necessarily lead to adoption and you may be reluctant to invest in a piece of tech that barely has any content to use.

Looking Glass Factory introduced its HoloPlay Studio on January 6, it is the company's proprietary software that converts 2D images into 3D and makes it possible for users to turn their family photo albums into holographic images.

Obviously, results may vary and we will have to wait until the technology is launched later in the year before we get too excited. Kickstarter backers will receive 20 photo conversions free of charge, thereafter it'll cost $20 (R307) per 100 photos.

The product is expected to be priced at $349 (R5360) but if you head to the Kickstarter right now you'll save $100 (R1535).

The Looking Glass Portrait is expecting to begin shipping worldwide in April 2021.