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LG Wing launching in South Africa in November: pricing, availability

LG Wing
(Image credit: LG)

LG has decided to do something quite unheard of since the early 2000s, shake-up the phone shape. 

The LG Wing takes the idea of a dual-screen smartphone and flips it, literally, with a screen that swivels to a horizontal T with another underneath. 

This 5G phone is aimed at everyone, but the improved camera and swivel style screen clearly screams out for content creators to pay attention to this unique phone.


The first big draw is the two screens. The first is a cinematic 21:9 view, the 6.8-inch POLED FullVision display with the second being a slightly smaller 3.9-inch which doubles as a grip when the main screen is in landscape mode.

You can use the phone in either mode, though it's clear swivel was designed for watching movies and playing games, all while being able to multi-task on the second screen. 

To make this even easier, LG incorporated a smart Multi App feature which allows you to create shortcuts for apps that pair well together. This means you can create a quick shortcut which pulls up YouTube and Google at the same time so you can quickly look up your favourite lyrics or facts while watching a video. 

The phone comes with three rear cameras: a 64MP Ultra High Resolution OIS Wide captures vivid detail, a 12MP Ultra Wide Gimbal Motion Camera keeps everything nice and smooth, and a 13MP Ultra Wide fits the whole scene in a single shot. There is also a 32MP Pop-Up Camera that rises up into action when you hit selfie mode.

The cameras are also supported by nice upgrade elements like the Gimbal Motion Camera and Dual Recording, which lets you record footage on the front and rear camera at the same time. 

With all these big features and the dual screen, it's not surprising there is significant processing power behind this phone. It runs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G 5G Mobile Platform and is the first to integrate an application processor and 5G Modem-RF system, the chipset brings best-in-class AI performance, lightning-fast 5G connectivity, and intelligent multi-camera capabilities, while also preserving battery life.

Pricing and availability 

The LG Wing is going to be available in South Africa from November. 

It has a recommended price of R19,999, making it a higher end product but understandable so as a result of its design and power. 

MTN, Vodacom and Cell C will all begin sales at the beginning of November, but eager users can pre-order on CelluCity.

Leila Stein

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