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LG launches LG XBOOM Go PL series in South Africa

(Image credit: LG)

Summer has arrived in South Africa so this means more time spent outside with friends, at the beach or by the pool. LG have released their ultimate summer companion, the XBOOM speaker series in South Africa. 

The PL7, PL5, and PL2 are all lightweight, water-resistant, compact bluetooth speakers which are designed to be taken wherever the party is. 


LG has once again teamed up with Meridian – leaders in high-resolution audio- to bring consumers speakers that have an impressive base. Vocals are clear and balanced with less distortion at the highest volumes. Stereophonic sound and 30 watts of power mean the speakers are more than capable of handling all your sound needs.

They all come with long-lasting battery life for hours of music on a long summer afternoon. The PL7 will last for 24 hours, the smaller PL5 for 18 hours, and the PL2 for 10 hours.

The bigger speakers also feature LED lights which move to the beat of your music, producing a pulsing light show that's automatically synced to every song on your playlist.

The bluetooth features mean you can pair the speakers with your phone and manage the sound, lights and playlists through the LG XBOOM app. 

You can also connect up to 100 XBOOM Go speakers for one massive sound experience.



The speakers are available at all major electronics outlets and on Takealot. 

The PL 7 costs R2,899, the PL 5 costs R2,299 and the PL 2 costs R999. 

Leila Stein

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