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Let tech help you grow your own garden

(Image credit: Superbalist)

Have you ever tried to grow your own herbs only to have them fail miserably? Well maybe you need a little bit of help from technology. 

There are loads of aids which help professional growers from LED lights to indoor greenhouses but for the novice herb grower you might need something which combines all these elements. 

Click and Grow have successful filled this niche with their adorable in-home gardens. 

It's all about the pods

The big thing with these in-home planters is that they're as easy as a coffee pod machine. 

Rather than planting finicky seeds that you have to germinate and replant before you can start successfully growing your favourite herbs, this machine lets you plant biodegradable pod plants into their planters. 

The pods each have seeds and nutrients to get the process started for themselves. Once you put them in your planter, it automatically grows, fertilisers and lights them as needed.

All you need to do is fill the water tank every three weeks to make sure it can keep your plants happy and healthy. 

The 8W LED light is also energy efficient, meaning you won't be running up a significant electricity bill by keeping it plugged in. 

App benefits 

Keeping up with your plants growth is also super easy with the app that provides tips and insights into your little herb or flower garden. 

You can see how long it takes for each plant to grow and when the herbs are edible to enjoy in your meals. 

Price and availability 

The planters don't come cheap although you are paying for less labour when it comes to growing herbs that last. 

The smaller Smart Garden 3 costs R1,999 while the larger Garden 9 comes at R3,999. These fluctuate slightly across retailers, which include Takealot, Superbalist, Faithful to Nature, Yuppichef and iStore.  

You also have to pay for the pods you would like to grow. They come in packs of 3 at R199 each. 

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