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LEGO releases relaxing playlist created with the sounds of bricks

LEGO White Noise Playlist
(Image credit: LEGO Group)

ASMR is all the rage at the moment and building block manufacturer, LEGO has joined in on the fun by releasing a 210-minute white noise playlist designed to help people relax and unwind during these tumultuous times.

The playlist consists of tracks made using nothing but the sounds made by LEGO bricks.

"Each LEGO element makes a unique noise," said the group in a statement. "Which is why designers experimented with over 10 000 in their quest for the perfect soothing sounds."

The rich soundscape created by the click of the bricks resulted in tracks such as 'It All Clicks' that plays on the iconic sound of two LEGO pieces joining together and 'The Waterfall', which as the name suggests, is a cacophony created by pouring thousands of bricks over each other continuously.

The playlist, like other voiceless tracks, is designed to help listeners relax and therefore it is perfect for those who need to background noise to fall asleep or while working.

The LEGO White Noise playlist is available on Spotify, Apple Music and over 13 more different music streaming platforms.