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iPhone 12 pricing for South Africa is finally here

iPhone 12
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South Africans have been waiting patiently for the iPhone 12 to make its way to our shores. December 18 has been announced as the date and now the prices have arrived. 

iPhones are never cheap so anyone holding out for a phone under R10,000 is likely to be disappointed. However, as far as new iPhones go, there hasn't been much of a price jump from what the iPhone 11 went for when it was just released. 

The addition of the iPhone 12 Mini to the line up is also nice because it means there is something on offer under R20,000 which hasn't been seen from Apple for a while (excluding the SE). 

With the new phones, the real deals come in with the trade-ins on iStore. If you've already got an iPhone (X and above) in good condition that you've paid for outright, you can trade up at a much lower price.

iPhone 12 Mini 

*Valued for iPhone X

iPhone 12 

*Valued for iPhone Xs Max

iPhone 12 Pro

* Valued for iPhone Xs Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max

* Valued for iPhone Xs Max

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