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Instagram Stories more immersive on desktop after update

Instagram Desktop Update
(Image credit: Instagram)

Instagram released a small update to its desktop interface that has made a big difference.  

Instagram stories now present as a video carousel that allows users to get a glimpse of what's next to come in the queue, while clips that have already played remain in view. Users can cycle forwards or backwards and click on the story they'd like to view or just let the carousel take its course.

The stories take up the entire screen, which makes for a more immersive experience. Instagram has not significantly revamped its stories feature for quite some time but it has added a selection features such as filters, stickers, fonts, gifs, music embeds, layouts and more that allow users to customise what they choose to share with the world to their heart's content.

The desktop update comes at a time when more people are spending time at home stuck behind their computers so it is a welcome addition.

Instagram, however, remains focused on boosting the popularity of its short-form video feature, Reels, which is doing its utmost to compete with TikTok.