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Huawei Watch Fit South Africa: pre-orders open

(Image credit: Magnus Blix)

It's hard to tell these days if a smartwatch is really for fitness or just a fashion accessory. Not when it comes to the Huawei Watch Fit, this has been designed to keep you in shape. 

While aesthetically pleasing with its sleek, slim design, the Watch Fit is all about exercise. From the in-built personal trainer workout animations to the extensive list of workouts it can monitor, this watch is for the gym bunnies and marathon runners. 

Expected to launch on Thursday, October 1 in South Africa, the watch is already available for pre-order. 


The 1.6-inch display makes it a slightly sleeker, slimmer watch compared to those offered by Apple, but not quite as tiny as a Fitbit. The 70% screen-to-body ratio however means that this smaller size doesn't compromise how much you can see. 

You can personalise watch faces to make sure it matches your style and choose from a black, olive green or pink band. 

The biggest draw is the promised 10 hour battery life. Huawei have installed a 21gram battery to keep it light and used power saving algorithms to keep the watch going for longer. The quick charge also means you won't be sitting around waiting for it to juice up once its died. 

In addition to its sport functions, the watch also monitors your sleep to help you get enough rest and follows your stress levels with breathing prompts when it notices these becoming to elevated.


The Watch Fit is available to pre-order already through the Huawei Online Store. 

They are currently selling it at R2,999 with a smart scale valued at R900 thrown in. 

Leila Stein

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