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Huawei offering incentives to join App Gallery

(Image credit: Future)

Since losing the Google Play Store, Huawei have been pushing their own AppGallery. Currently it has all the basic apps most would need, making it less of a liability to buy a Huawei phone. 

Now, the company is attempting to make this offering even more attractive by incentivising e-businesses and app developers to get on board with new tools and revenues. 

Huawei announced that app owners will receive up to 90% of the revenue from their app, an impressive 20% jump from what Apple offers. 

In addition, they are also offering new promotion tools and optimised ad kits for developers. 

This is all aimed at making their app store rival the likes of Apple and Google. If developer create for them the way they do for others, it will no longer be a concern whether your Huawei has a unique store or not. 

Huawei have made their integration simpler as well. Developers simply have to fill out an application and receive approval before they can go ahead. They have also sweetened the deal with a promotion, those who join will get 5-10 days of free advertising and access to extra options in the store.

South Africa and Huawei

This is great news for South Africans as Huawei phones are often cheaper than those brought out by Samsung or Apple. 

As a result, an improved app store would make these cheaper options, or even Huawei's flagship phones, more attractive in the South African market. 

Leila Stein

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